Bringing The Nation Closer 

While you are on the move

As a host, you can arrange a conference from your mobile or landline from Anywhere, Any Time by following the steps mentioned below:

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Steps to follow

1) Call Our Service Number 111-227-027,

2) Select Language

3) Follow the IVR to On-Demand Conferencing, Select options to Create a Conference.

4) Enter your AccountID, (Available on Subscription),

5) Dial out to intended participants from within the conference by pressing *09 followed by the number and #.

The system will DIAL OUT to the participants.

Now you can enjoy the Conference.

For Home Users and Small Businesses

PTCL Conferencing, enhanced with Extensive IVR Help, HelpDesk Assistants and Easy-Web Interface allows groups to meet quickly and easily.

Just call 111-227-027 and follow the instructions to begin your conference.

For home users it provides means to quickly have meetings with family members in different cities or countries, without any hassle. The billing is included in the originator's normal telephone line bill.

For small businesses and groups Reservationless conferencing offers, Increased productivity and expansion of your communication capacity by sharing information effortlessly.

Think of PTCL Audio Conferencing as your own virtual meeting room, available whenever you want.

Although it's Reservationless conferencing, Helpdesk assistants are available 24x7 for guiding you through your conferencing experience.