Bringing The Nation Closer 

Ideal For Corporate Clients and Large Businesses

Easy Web Based Event Creation and Management, Scheduling of your Audio Conferencing, Controling and Monitoring your meetings, Storing shared and personal participant lists and groups.

Equally useful to Small Businesses and Home Users

Invite individual participants or groups with single point and click. Just schedule your next meeting and automated emails with Passcodes will be sent to all participants. More info->

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  • Private and secure connectivity
  • A maximum of 120 callers per single audio conference.
  • Reach 120 participants by touch of button.
  • Meetings Recording Facility.
  • Auto announcement notification to all participants about conference recordings.
  • Ability to send emails and SMS notifications to inform participants about meetings.
  • Music on hold.
  • Both Email invitations as well as SMS support English language.
  • Immediate Conference initiation through the web or while on the move.
  • Flexible charging plans, provision of service via different interfaces, such as the Toll Free Service & Service charge share.
  • National and International access for Dial in & Dial out.
  • Entry/Exit announcements: entering and exiting participants can be announced with their numbers, a tone or silence
  • Extension of meeting time: you as a chairman shall be able to extend the meeting, if necessary.
  • Conference Conference ID & Passcode for Dial in conference call.
  • System supports view & control participants in the meeting with dynamic display of conference status.
  • The system supports online reporting: generate detailed reports.
  • The system supports full duplex communications; that it is possible to allow all participants to speak at the same time
  • The system supports managing multiple conferences by a single initiator and a different chairman
With PTCL's Easy-Web Audio Conferencing Interface, you can:
  • View your virtual meeting room and monitor your participants
  • Control your meeting with either your telephone keypad or easy-to-use online tools
  • Customize your conference's standard features
  • Reduce the costs associated with more complex service offerings.
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