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You will find all required information about your Audio Conferencing setup and details here.

How do I sign up for an Scheduled audio Account?

You can create an account using this website. The account can be created in your organization's name. Person creating the account becomes the manager of the account. Event billing will be done to the company's name. For further details call our helpline at 111-227-027.

When can I begin to use my account?

As soon as you receive your welcome email. There is no need to activate your account.

What information should I give to someone invited to my conference?

For Schedualed Event conference, you can:
  • Create your Company Profile or User Account
  • Use your account to add names, phone numbers and email addresses of your participants
  • An automated email will be sent to all participants with date, time and agenda of the Event
  • The email will also include the Event Passcode, instructions and the Dial-in telephone number +92 111-227-027
  • Each participant can be given a Unique User Passcode for further security

Can I invite and have participants dialing in from other countries in Scheduled Conferences?


Why is there music on the line when I dial-in?

This means you have joined in as a participant and the chairperson has not joined the conference yet. You will hear music until the chairperson joins the call.

What other controls do I have while in conference?

Following Key-Tone options are available while you are in conference call as the chair person or participant, For complete list of commands click here

Chairperson Controls Key Commands
Mute / unmute chairperson line *11# / *10#
Mute / Unmute single participant line *79[PCN]# / *77[PCN]#
Enable / Disable selected participants on hold *39[Participant's ID]#  / *37[Participant's ID]#
Participant count *55#
Conference lock / unlock *21# / *20#
Initiate dial-out facility *09[ParticipantContactNumber]#
Roll announcement to all without channel / With Channel *90# / *91#
Kick Participant *44[PCN]#
End conference *99#
HangUp *00#
Participant controls Key Commands
Mute / unmute my line *11# / *10# 
Announce own Channel Number
(Only valid when more than 1 participants present)
Hangup *00#
PCN=Participant Channel Number (XXX or XXXX= 3 or 4 Digit Participant Channel Number)
For complete list of commands click here

What do I do if I experience static or loud noise on my conference call?

Line static can occur occasionally. You can help us pinpoint and resolve the problem by dialing *00#, if you ever experience any line quality issues. Loud noise is usually caused by background noise. You can mute all of your participants lines with *71# or ask anyone on a cell phone to mute their own line by pressing *11# on their phone.

What if there are technical problems during my call?

If you are disconnected from the call, simply redial the dial-in number and enter the passcode. If this issue recurs, you can contact the PTCL Audio Conferencing Help Desk at 111-227-027.

What if I need help during the conference?

Helpdesk representatives are available 24x7 for assisting you through your conferences. Simply press *00# while in a Conference. For Account holders, you can use the Easy Web Interface to enhance your conferencing experience.